Top 10 Essential SEO Tools for Every Webmaster Should Know!

There are a lot of SEO tools present online which can be used for Search engine rankings and to optimize a website. As a webmaster, one should have practice and use these SEO tools. One can choose based on their requirement. We have listed some of them here.

Google loves Google. If you want to improve your ranking on Google, then this is a must-have tool. It tells us about backlinks, performance, issues and many more. With the help of Google Search Console, you can submit your xml sitemap to Google also.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you data to analyze the performance of the website. This tool is also provided by Google and is free. Information provided by this tool plays a crucial role in SEO. With Google Analytics you determine traffic issues, e-commerce sales, etc. You just need to setup this SEO tool properly, so that you can get maximum benefits for your SEO.

Website speed is a crucial factor for a lot of internet users. If your website loading is slow, you might be losing sales or customers. A right tool can guide to fix this issue.

Google page speed insights give you an insight about your website speed. It provide website speed for both desktop and mobile.

W3C validator is used to determine the issues related to coding. Although, it doesn’t impact more for SEO, but some crucial coding issues can be identify by this and fix.

Sometime, this SEO tool can create confusion, make sure that you know web development technologies well.  

If you are running a WordPress website, then this is a great plugin for your website. It allows you to add Title of pages, meta descriptions very easily.

Yoast SEO is also help-full to optimize the content on pages by suggesting where you should place the keyword phrases.

This SEO tool comes in free and paid. You can unlock more features in the paid version.

This tool is very easy to use and provides an impressive report for Search engine optimization. You only need to type your URL and a report marking all SEO points will be present on your computer screen.

Bing also provide Bing Webmaster tools same like Google Search Console. This is also a great tool to get more insight about your website performance and improve SEO.

SEMrush is the one of the most cited tools for SEO. It allow users to analyze competitor, backlink, search engine ranking, etc.

With this SEO tool, you can download reports in the form of Google Docs. it also makes you able to analyze your competitor. It can give you a good insight into your competitor.

Screaming Frog crawl website and provide extensive information before starting SEO of a website. It is very important to prepare an audit report to start SEO. Website crawling with Screaming Frog can help you in this. This tool can help to identify below points: –

  • Missing page title, meta descriptions and meta keywords.
  • Errors in response codes, URLs.
  • International SEO diagnosis.

GTMetrix is another tool for page speed. It provide more detailed report than Google page insights. This tool scan the website and pinpoint the issues with page requests, CSS files and JavaScript.


The most powerful tool is you brain. There is no any tool that can provide you everything you need to know or fix on your website. It’s up to you and your SEO expert or SEO service provider, you’ve hired to put all these together and implement a solid plan and strategy to improve Search engine positions.

These tools can make your effort easy or helpful in making a strategy effectively. One can choose all these tools or some of them depending upon his own specific requirements.

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